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We, at foodstandard, identify with the objectives of all stakeholders in the Greek agrifood chain.

We serve each partner individually, but also under a common logic “from the farm to the fork”.

We operate according to the specific configurations and trends with constant adjustment to the prevailing conditions, related to consumer behavior and the increased demand for more safety, higher quality, improvement of cost/benefit ratio, branding, locality, etc.

Our core business is producer groups with infrastructure and food companies. Since our establishment in 2002 until today, we have worked with more than 30,000 producers and 200 private companies and cooperative organizations. 

We develop and apply integrated management systems to producer groups, ensure the production of high-quality agricultural products and organize training seminars for producers as well as executives of food companies, taking into account the needs of each crop, the climate and ground conditions, etc.

We develop traceability systems for our customers at company as well as producer level, a mechanism for the recording and preservation of all information relating to the journey taken by each product from the harvest to the final consumer. These systems are personalized, functional and can be certified in accordance with the standards AGRO 2.2/2.3, ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005.

We apply local customized systems of food quality and safety, production systems using the expertise of our 20 executives as well as financing by the suitable national and Community programs.

The measurable objectives that we set, focus on monitoring developments, enhancing competitiveness and continuous improvement through appropriate investment and financing, as well as increasing production with environmentally sound parameters. This is achieved through modern project management techniques and continuous communication of the activity of local producers/farmers and firms with the decision making center, through our on-site-within the enterprise- associates (unique foodstandard network).

Improving profitability is achieved by the continuous increase of our customers’ turnover with parallel focus on reducing cost centers, whose elimination is a priority.

The objectives of the corporate and environmental responsibility are achieved in the production process using standards such as the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) with environmental declarations.

We also exploit the endless possibilities of modern technology, which is quick and cost beneficial, to create a series of exclusive products for the achievement of our partners objectives. These programs are easily understood by the target audience, constitute objects of education and have great potential as a useful source of information for both farmers and businesses.

We always strive to participate meaningfully in local communities where we operate through the recruitment of local staff and other actions at local level.

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Quality of service

foodstandard is the only company in its sector that has been certified by recognized bodies for all services provided and specifically for:
– Managerial capability system according to ELOT 1429: 2008 since 2011
– Quality management system according to ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008 since 2003
– Management system according to ISO 29990: 2010 for learning services for non-formal education and training since 2014
– Information Security Management System according to ISO 2700:2013 since 2014


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Our Offices

The design of our offices reflects the spirit of collegiality and cooperation among the employees of the company, as part of our commitment to provide excellent service to our clients. 
Based in Athens, we operate in Greece, Balkans and the Mediterranean countries, while we serve clients across Europe, through our office in Munich.

The “open space’’ concept encourages the communication among the employees, enhancing teamwork and brainstorming, while it offers a friendly and comfortable environment for our guests.
The modern “natural” design approach, in line with out innovation spirit, supports the creativity and the development of new ideas, some of the main features of foodstandard.

Our premises have multipurpose and tasting rooms (presentations, seminars, screenings products, cooking events etc.).