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Range of applications designed to interact with producers and the organization of their cultivation


Addressed to producers of plant and animal production and producer groups

e-contract farming

Innovative platform of digital organization of Contractual and participatory farming and animal husbandry


Addressed to food companies, private and cooperative


Integrated Informational system for internal and external traceability of a business


Addressed to manufacturing and food processing plants


Integrated system group and individual producer records with multiple reports


Addressed to groups of producers and agronomists for all crops

For us, the applications are the most important part of a business organization and so we pay attention to every detail. Designing an application starts by analyzing the customer requirements and the goal is to create an effective tool that organizes, provides solutions and saves time by reducing the bureaucracy of a business. To achieve this we use all the latest technology so that our applications are accessible by all modern media (computers, smartphones and tablets) both locally and in a network.

For us every customer large or small has different needs and for this reason the applications created are tailor made to serve his needs.

With many years of experience in application development in our field, we have established four (4) basic lines used as a principle in most applications.
To meet the needs and requirements of traceability we developed iknow, for the organization of contract farming the “econtract farming” platform (ecf), to organize the monitoring of a group of producers and agronomists we created the logbook and for the advanced producers the “efarmer” application.
Our applications are distinguished by ease of use, user friendly environment and of course for their content. With such grounds every business acquires a powerful marketing tool, since each application is designed in such a way that it is used as a promotional tool of how the company works.

Innovation happens because there are people out there doing and trying a lot of different things.

Edward Felten